The Dandy Online


Superheroes exist! They’ve existed for a long time.


As far back as the 1940s, there were reported sightings of a masked man who used his amazing strength to tackle dangerous crooks and save innocent civilians when disaster struck. His true identity remained unknown. To the rest of the world he was simply ‘Mr X’, Britain’s very first superhero. But he wasn’t the last!


Throughout the 1970s and ‘80s, there were stories of teenage heroes with catlike agility, who teamed up to solve crimes, of a hooded avenger who was the scourge of the underworld, of a scientific genius in a remarkable aircraft who fought master criminals. And, from legends came tales of a mysterious girl with otherworldly powers who appeared whenever danger struck.


Then, two decades ago, just as mysteriously as they arrived, the heroes vanished…


Now they’re back! But, all these years later, can they really be the same heroes? Behind the masks and costumes, who are they really? And what – or who - could have brought them together and sent them hurtling back into action?


These are the questions facing Rich Hardy and Ness Temple, whose normal world is about to be turned upside down... for where there are superheroes there are also supervillains, terrifying schemes, and earth-shattering threats. And if Rich and Ness want to uncover the truth behind the Retro-Activation Project, they’ll have to be prepared for the most epic adventure imaginable!