The Dandy Online


Ever wondered what goes on in     other people's heads? Alex Bonce does... and no wonder, with his weird family.


His sister, Beth, dresses like a vampire, listens to gloomy music, and thinks Alex is a freak! His Mum thinks she's in a soap opera, or she's a queen or something. His Dad thinks he can mend or improve any gadget he can get his hands on (he seriously CAN'T). Baby Sammy is just... well, he's just odd. And Winston isn't even people.


But if you think the Bonces are weird, then what would you call a space jackal starship captain, a massively-muscled masked wrestler, a huge barbarian, a confused dinosaur, a video-game elf, and a clanky old robot? Because that's what's inside Alex's head!


These are his Numskulls, and they control everything Alex does, says, or thinks.


So, if all of that's going on in Alex's head, you ever wonder what's     going on inside YOURS?