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Morley High’s school newspaper has scooped a star reporter. It’s also got a new editor, photographer, agony aunt, and gossip columnist... all called Kate. PHEW! That’s a lot of jobs for one girl to tackle. Lucky life around Morley is wa-a-ay too boring for any major news stories to break, isn’t it?




Kate’s just like any other schoolgirl, only with a touch of the Sherlock Holmeses about her. Her inquisitive nature (or nosiness, if you want to be rude about it) means she just can’t help noticing things other people might miss. Ideal for a roving reporter looking for an exclusive. Even better for solving mysteries! And Kate’s new job means she’s going to be up to her nose in both stories and clues.


Looks like Morley’s not so boring after all. And it’s down to Kate - with the help of her (mostly) faithful, (sometimes) brave newshound, Scoopy - to follow the trails, crack the clues, solve the puzzle, and hit the deadlines to make the headlines.


Follow the unfolding story, exclusively in The DANDY, for the inside scoop on Keyhole Kate’s (and Scoopy's) adventures!