The Dandy Online

Welcome to the Gallery, all you Dandy maniacs.

The Dandy website is packed with stuff your Dandy crew has made, but this bit is just for YOU!

That’s right, it’s all yours. That’s why we want you to decorate it with your drawings and comic strips.

Got a favourite Dandy story? Show us who your Dandy hero is by drawing or painting a picture of them.

Got your own comic characters you’d like to show the world?

Created a hero tougher than Desperate Dan, someone more barmy than Blinky, or a supervillain strong enough to tackle the Retro-Active team?

Could you design a better robot than Brassneck? Have you got your very own Numskulls?

We want to see them! And we want to show everyone just how talented Dandy readers are, so all of our favourites will be appearing here.

So get doodling and designing!