The Dandy Online


Of all the legends of the Old Wild West, there ain't one to match the Legend of Desperate Dan! Dan's the toughest, roughest dude in the West, cased in a hide that can withstand cannonballs, and armed with a chin that can break boulders.


Good old Dan appeared in every print copy of that mighty fine comic The Dandy during it's 75 year run - and if that ain't a larger than life Dan-style fact, I'd like to know what is, pardner.


As the legend goes, Dan lives in a beaten up, falling down old shack at the edge of the Texas town of Cactusville. They say Dan's horse sleeps in the shack too, but that ain't no problem, since he's a darn good 'neigh'bour.


Dan just doesn't know how to handle that great strength of his - it's like one of them forces of nature, and it's pretty much guaranteed to land him in a whole heap of trouble pretty much all of the time. And his desperate attempts to make things right usually end up in a whole heap of laughter for the rest of us... just make sure old Dan don't hear you!


The story goes that Dan was once asked what his favourite joke was. So he stroked that great chin of his, pondered a moment, and said: 'What's the difference between a coyote and a flea? One howls on the prairie and the other prowls on the hairy!' Then he laughed so hard his shack shook - not an easy thing to do. Not an easy thing to say, neither! Nope!


So, now you know all about him, are YOU ready to take on DESPERATE DAN'S TOUGHNESS TEST?