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There's always something strange going on when Blinky's about. He's a walking disaster area. Not that Blinky knows it, because he never sees any of the chaos he causes.

Nobody's quite sure WHAT he sees through those spectacles of his, but it's definitely NOT what the rest of us see!


A shopping trip can become an expedition to the heart of the jungle (let's hope he doesn't meet any celebrities who got lost when they were supposed to get out of there), a boring old school day can be an adventure anywhere in the world, and who else would mistake bath night for a hunt for sunken pirate treasure? Or, for that matter, a dive into shark-infested waters for a nice soak in the bath?


You can say what you like about Blinky (or write what you like, because he certainly won't see       it to read it), but he's clearly        a lad who's not worried about             making a spectacle of           himself!